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Zoology collection

Since 1990, the work carried out by the Zoology department has focused on compiling the most extensive possible ecofauna series of vertebrates from the western part of Upper Lusatia. The specimens in the collection form the long-term basis for modern supra-regional biodiversity research. They also constitute valuable building blocks for understanding and documenting local and regional fauna.

zoologische Sammlung Museum der Westlausitz Kamenz

Our research also focuses on the ecological causes of death in endangered vertebrates found in eastern Saxony. Of particular note here are otters, Eurasian beavers and white-tailed eagles, as well as various bat species.

zoologische Sammlung Museum der Westlausitz Kamenz


Anzahl der jährlichen Einlieferungen in die Zoologische Sammlung des Museums der Westlausitz Kamenz


Säugetiersammlung des Museum der Westlausitz Kamenz


Vogelsammlung des Museum der Westlausitz Kamenz




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