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permanent exhibition

a journey through 7 theme-based worlds


temporary exhibition in the research centre


selected entries from the photo competition for our mushroom exhibition


temporary exhibition

Im & Ex : Pressionen

art by Knut van der Vinzburg

from 02/12/2023 to 25/02/2024


Exhibitions of the museum Elementarium, Pulsnitzer Straße 16

You will find the Museum of West Lusatia Kamenz’s permanent collections and major temporary exhibitions in the Elementarium.


What are the origins of life?
What forces shaped our landscape?
How are humans changing nature and the environment?

Visit our permanent collection and travel through time - with the earthquake simulator, at the geological DIY centre or the birds’ forest concert and in mysterious archaeological digs!
Each of the seven theme-based worlds presents our environment from a different perspective; they are all interlinked and designed to be interactive. This enables visitors to explore and experience the connections for themselves.
In the Elementarium, you can embark on an expedition through seven theme-based worlds and explore the traces of Earth’s two most significant landscape creators - nature and man.

Visit our permanent collection


The temporary exhibitions showcase the museum’s research work and collections in an enthralling, easy-to-understand way while maintaining the highest scientific standards.

The art exhibitions present the works of “regional artists”. In addition, lesser-known artists from the region regularly introduce their work in smaller exhibitions, featuring graphic art, painting or photography.

Enjoy the temporary exhibitions


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